Why choose us?

We strive to offer the most accessible and functional API location IP.

Fast IP Geolocation API


ipwhois.io servers are spread worldwide for security and speed.

IP API - Easy to integrate


Integrate our geolocation API now, no need to sign up and enter your data. It takes a few minutes.

SSL encryption support


All data sent to and processed by our servers is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS).

Unlimited geolocation api

Multilingual response

Our IP API Stack supports multi-language response including English, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

free ip lookup

Free for novice webmasters

You can use our service for free up to 10,000 requests per month. Choose a tariff plan that suits your project.

Accurate IP location Database

Exact data

We update our database in real time. For each API request, you will always have the most accurate location data, without having to worry about updating a local database.

Personalize content based on our API response

Get the trust of buyers who live on different continents. Become a recognized international brand.

Find out the location by IP


By personalizing content based on the visitor's location, you can improve behavioral factors by up to 70%. Using our IP geolocation service you can redirect visitors to the site version in their language, correctly set up advertising targeting, automatically fill in the form fields with the name of the country, city, phone code, currency, etc. Detect and prevent fraud by knowing the actual location of your users and comparing it with the billing address provided.

$ curl http://free.ipwhois.io/json/
  "country": "United States",
  "region": "New Jersey",
  "city": "Newark",
  "latitude": 40.735657,
  "longitude": -74.1723667,

$ curl http://free.ipwhois.io/json/
  "timezone": "America/New_York",
  "timezone_name": "Eastern Standard Time",
  "timezone_dstOffset": 0,
  "timezone_gmtOffset": -18000,
  "timezone_gmt": "GMT -5:00",
Check the time zone by IP

Time Zone

Handling multiple time zones is a hectic and challenging task for every developer. We will do it for you by providing a time zone API. It returns data about the name of this time zone, time offset from UTC and summer time. Show time in your projects in a format familiar to the visitor.

Check currency by IP


By simply displaying prices in local currency only, you can increase the conversion rate to 40%. That is why we have created our service with this opportunity in mind. It will allow you to find out the name of the local currency, ISO code and currency symbol, as well as the current exchange rate in relation to the US dollar, thanks to which you can automatically convert prices depending on the location.

$ curl http://free.ipwhois.io/json/
  "currency": "US Dollar",
  "currency_code": "USD",
  "currency_symbol": "$",
  "currency_rates": 1,
  "currency_plural": "US dollars",

Frequently Asked Questions

View the most common questions people ask about ipwhois.io.

What is your API for?

You can use ipwhois.io to filter out bot traffic, customize content based on visitor's location, display full country names, perform bulk IP geolocation, and more.

How often is IP data updated?

Our database is updated almost in real time. Thanks to integration with multiple channels (RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, AFRINIC and others) delivering IP data in real time.

Do I need a key for a free plan?

No, free tariff does not require a key.

How many requests can I make?

For free, you can make up to 10,000 requests per month. See our paid tariffs if you need more.

What is the average server response time?

Due to powerful and optimized servers located on different continents and our productive database, we achieve a real response of up to 90 milliseconds in most parts of the world.

Can I use it on my commercial site?

No, we do not allow commercial use of the free plan. Please see our pro service for SSL access, unlimited queries and commercial support.